Welcome to new ways to learn about wisdoms

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Welcome to new ways to learn about wisdoms.


To appreciate, explore, disseminate and create wisdom.
Changing Wisdoms

Changing Wisdoms offers a new perspective on wisdoms. Discover how rich they are, how they grow, where they can be found, the stimuli for change and how to cultivate them.

Enjoy wisdom rubrics for dozens of human activities. Learn how mastery of an activity develops. Copy the rubrics and use them to understand your own or someone else’s progress. Enrich the options you have for doing or understanding an activity. Start your appreciation now by visiting the wisdom profiles.

Instead of wasting time reading tomes on wise action in a field, experience how we have captured a lifetime of experience in a group of concepts small enough to be remembered and used everyday.

If you are already a master of an activity, compare your own experience with our masters. Learn how to create your own profile. Make a contribution to our knowledge of wisdom: send your profile it to Changing Wisdoms at [email protected]

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