4 Ways to Use Memes during the Classes

Being a teacher is not easy. Especially if you have to combine teaching at school with learning. It is often necessary to perform several tasks in parallel: prepare your own scholarship resume template for submission to the dean’s office and draw up lesson plans for the next week.

You also need to conduct lessons, draw up lesson plans, check endless tests, come up with interesting tasks, prepare handouts. To prepare for a full-fledged professional activity very little time is left. It’s great that there are such resources that help in creating a resume for beginners: https://resumesbot.com/entry-level-resume-example/. In addition, the teacher needs to cope with professional burnout, constantly be in the trend, look for ways to make lessons interesting and motivate students. And this is a particularly difficult task with students of generation Z. The Internet will come to the rescue, in its vast expanses a special culture has arisen, which include memes as an integral part. In this article, we will explain how using memes can help simplify the learning process.      

Why is it worth using memes?

The modern generation of students is familiar with many memes, and this is an excellent chance for the teacher to develop their interest in learning, as well as use authentic material.

Very often, memes are a reaction to important events in the world: scientific discoveries, sporting achievements, political differences, show business scandals … They not only interpret these situations in an accessible form, but also help us to keep abreast of events.

The visual appeal and brief nature of memes are a great way for students to demonstrate their understanding of class materials. Often, a few words, phrases, and small sentences can show a deeper understanding than composing a large volume.

student audience

How to use memes in class?

1) Setting the rules in the lesson

In the first lesson, it is necessary to establish and discuss the rules of behavior, homework, lateness, omissions, etc. Use memes as a fun way to inform students of your rules and expectations. You can even ask them to create their own meme to demonstrate their understanding of these rules.

2) Introduction of the topic

Teachers often introduce a new topic using pictures. Add more interest in new topics using memes. Students will definitely like it!

For example, students have to study the topic “Shopping”. The simplest lead-in option is to show a picture of the store. But it will be too easy. Give students the following picture showing a picture from the movie “World War Z” about zombies – an apocalypse with the inscriptions “Walmart” (since this is the largest US wholesale and retail network in the world) and “Black Friday” (of course, the day the traditional Christmas season begins) . Give 3 minutes to discuss the picture and ask for a lesson topic.

3) Work with grammar and vocabulary

Memes are full of diverse vocabulary and grammar. They can be used at the stage of introducing vocabulary, and at the stage of consolidation. For example, after studying vocabulary on the topic “Environmental problems”, offer students a series of memes where they should fill in the blanks using new words.

However, be careful when choosing memes! Many of them contain foul language (unfortunately, this is an integral part of modern culture), such memes should not be used in lessons.

Ready-made memes on the Internet are not a standard of literacy. Very often memes contain grammar and lexical errors to sound funny. How can this be used in the lesson? Give memes (with vocabulary or grammar for the lesson) and ask students to correct mistakes.

4) Follow up activity

After studying the topic, ask students to create memes related to the material being studied. Students will practice creative and critical thinking skills.

Often in lessons, students need to describe a picture, compare pictures. Some students are not very excited about such tasks, especially those who are preparing for exams and are already just tired of this task. What to do to finish the task on a positive note? Ask students to come up with a meme to the picture.           

How to create memes?

A huge number of memes can be found simply by entering the necessary words in the search engine, and you can also create them yourself.

Meme Generator – A popular and easy to use site allows users to create and share memes. Select an existing image or upload your own. Then add text and share.

MakeMeme – choose a template and overlay your text at the top and bottom of the picture.

ImgFlip is a memo generator where you can choose the location of the text.

If you are not sure about the value of a meme, check its value in the meme database, Know Your Meme.

The most popular site with memes – Reddit.com

Internet memes are part of online culture. Being a universal and very popular form of transmitting information, they can help students learn new educational material.