This Year, Give a New Stage of Mastery

Are you or your employees ready for greater expertise and flexibility? Learn how to make your next great leap forward in a FREE 2-hour workshop by David K. Dirlam, Ph.D., Cultural Psychologist, President of Memetics Consulting, author of over 100 professional papers, listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and profiled for Who’s Who in America, 2005.

  • Discover the next stage in mastering a vital activity you choose.
  • Learn to tell when small changes will fail.
  • Plan solutions that will work.
  • Learn how to track progress without using tests.
  • Increase control over cultural changes amid employees, students or family.

This interactive workshop is offered as part of the free Open House of The Center for Creative Leadership and Coaching, 25 East 40th Street, December 11. Choose morning (10-12 am) or evening (5-7 pm) session. Call Memetics Consulting at (912)341-8898 or the CCLC at (912) 236-3660 for information.

Recent Media Coverage of Memetics Consulting

  • David Dirlam’s article on Competing Memes Analysis published in the September, 2003 issue of the Journal of Memetics – Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
  • Read David Dirlam’s popularized version of the breakthrough concepts in cultivating memes in Mastering a New Life Strategy from the November 15 edition of Coastal Parent. David Dirlam’s article on Qualities that Make a Happy Work Life appeared on page 3 of the First Issue (May 15) of Savannah’s new Coastal Parent newspaper. It summarizes the conclusions of an eight-session discussion of Studs Terkel’s Working, What People Do All Day and What They Feel About What They Do All Day.