Memetics Consulting promotes public understanding of memetics, the science of evolving cultural practices, and helps individuals and organizations to manage change in their lives and local cultures through designing, implementing and evaluating programs for cultivating memes. We cultivate memes by identifying, evaluating, and weeding or nurturing them.

  • Identify memes to weed and competitor memes to promote.
  • We use several methods to identify memes.
  • Mastery Interviews
  • Text Analysis
  • Product or Activity Coding
  • We identify memes in their natural contexts.
  • Educational settings
  • Career settings
  • Communities of practice
  • Organizational cultures
  • Sales, customer and client activities
  • Production, employee and vendor activities
  • Evaluate memes by assessing their utilities.
  • Identify all groups of stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and others (e.g., local community members).
  • Identify major types of short term and long term gains and costs for all stakeholders.
  • The standard societal forces of economic, political, social, demographic, and technological factors.
  • Personal motives such as power, sex, hunger, fear, rest, excitement and exploration.
  • Memetic motives such as admiration, companionship, community, tradition, reverence and forethought.
  • Obtain evaluative data on all utilities for each combination of stakeholder and force.
  • Establish a timetable to collect and revisit the metrics and devise appropriate weeding or nurturing actions.

Weed a meme by withholding resources or identifying and promoting its competitors.

Nurture a meme.

Determine whether it needs to be seeded and encouraged or just encouraged.

Seed it through explanation, personal commitments, modeling and encouragement.

Encourage it through practice – feedback cycles within its natural contexts.